If your primary care provider refers you to Atlantic General's Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), you will be contacted by one of our care coordinators who will begin to help you navigate the healthcare system and assist you on a path to better health.

  • Your PCMH care coordinator will be monitoring your medical needs and will contact you to schedule any needed follow-up appointments with your primary care provider.

  • Your PCMH team will help coordinate any appointments needed with a specialist or another health agency. We will help you in making sure that all tests, procedures, and specialist appointments are scheduled in a way that best meets your health care needs.

  • In order for us to provide our best primary care services, please let your care coordinator or primary care provider know if you see any other health care provider. Also, please remind any health care provider that you may see to forward reports to us regarding your condition and treatment. This will allow us to best coordinate your clinical care.

Working together, we can understand your health risks, if any, and take care of them before they become more serious problems. If you have any questions about your PCMH care plan, please call your care coordinator or the PCMH main line at 410-641-9949,