Your Test: What to Expect

Atlantic Endoscopy Center
We recognize that preparing for an endoscopy procedure is uncomfortable and inconvenient, so we've provided some information regarding your test to try to answer any questions you may have. However, if you have any questions or concerns about your test, please feel free to contact the Atlantic Endoscopy Center at 410-629-6800. We're here to help.

What to Expect

My procedure is already scheduled, so why do I get so many phone calls?

  1. Once your procedure is scheduled at the doctor’s office, a nurse from our center will call to verify your medications, allergies and health history prior to your visit. This helps us make the safest plan of care for you. It will also speed up the check-in process.
  2. The hospital’s patient financial services department will also call to verify the information your doctor gave them about your insurance and address. They will also let you know if you need a referral or will be responsible for a co-pay.

The Preparation

What if I can’t drink any more of this prep? I feel like I’m going to throw up.

  1. First, SLOW DOWN. It is better to go more slowly and keep down what you have already swallowed. The prep won’t work if you vomit it back up.
  2. Second, PLEASE call your doctor for further instructions. You may need a different prep.
  3. Try using a straw or Crystal Lite to help make the prep easier to swallow.
  4. You may drink clear liquids like Gatorade after you have finished the prep. This will help when we start your IV.

Why do I need to “clean out” anyway?

This is done so the doctor can get a good look around inside the bowel. Your colon has many folds that polyps and cancers can hide behind. Extra stool will block the view even further.

Why did my doctor tell me to stop taking blood thinners?

If a polyp is removed, the area could bleed more if you’re taking blood thinners. We may also ask you to hold off on taking these medications after your procedure; your doctor will let you know.

What about my other medications? Should I stop them all?

NO! Please take your regular medications as scheduled unless your doctor tells you differently. We want your blood pressure and heart to be stable and these medicines with help with this.

I’m diabetic, what about my medications for that?

Please talk to your doctor about these medications. Check your blood sugar, and have sodas or juices WITH sugar available in case your blood sugar drops.

Why MUST I stop drinking four hours before my test?

If there is any food or a lot of liquid in your stomach and you throw up during the procedure it can be very dangerous. We may need to delay or reschedule your procedure if you haven’t heeded these instructions.

Can I brush my teeth?

YES! Please do. You may have a small swallow of water to rinse your mouth.

Getting to Atlantic Endoscopy Center

Why do I need a driver? Last time I felt fine.

  • The medication we give you will affect your judgment and reflexes throughout the day.
  • There are amnesic properties to the medications we give you. They make you forgetful, even though you are awake.
  • We have had patients tell us they went to lunch after their procedure, went home and took a nap. They didn’t remember any of this, even though they were awake, were alert and felt fine.
  • We want you to have a family member or friend with you if you must take a taxi because you may not remember what you do on that trip home.

So, don’t even think about driving – it’s just not safe.

Where is the Atlantic Endoscopy Center?

The center’s address is 10231 Old Ocean City Boulevard, Suite 205, in Berlin, MD. We are located within the James G. Barrett Medical Office Building that sits at the entrance of Healthway Drive, which is the road that leads to Atlantic General Hospital. Click here for step by step directions.

If you have any further questions, our doctors and nurses are available to help you. You can call the center at 410-629-6800 to speak to a nurse.

The number for Drs. Jonathan Bell and Lee Klepper is 410-629-1450. The number for Dr. Jerrold Canakis is 410-641-2938.