Shared Leadership

AGH/HS promotes shared leadership and decision making, which empowers staff to make changes that impact the delivery of patient care.

Atlantic General Hospital/Health System’s Shared Leadership Model

Education/Work Environment Council

Goal: To identify, promote and disseminate education opportunities throughout the organization and monitor the work environment.

Professional Nurse Council

Chair: Karen Christmas RN, WCC
Goal: To evaluate, implement and maintain standards for professional growth and development and to identify strategies to promote retention of professional nurses.

Performance Improvement/Patient Safety Council

Chair: Iris Hudson RN, CMSRN
Goal: To facilitate interdisciplinary performance improvement projects to improve outcomes and exceed established benchmarks.

Practice Council

Chair: Nicole House-Blanc, MSN, RN
Goal: To approve and maintain evidence-based procedures and practices in patient care.

Council of Scientific Investigations

Chair: Julie Long, MSN, RN
Goal: To develops, evaluate and support all research efforts within the organization.

Nursing Peer Review Council

Chair: Ann Watson-Waples, RN
Goals: To improve the quality of care provided by individual nurses by identifying opportunities for process improvement and acknowledging exemplary care.

Nurse Practitioner Council

Chair: Angela Simmons, MSN, RN, CRNP
Goal: To address legislative issues and identify opportunities for quality improvement through peer review and the credentialing process.

Executive Council

Chair: Colleen Wareing, MS, BSN, RN, NEA-BC and Vice President of Patient Care Services
Goal: To amend and approve shared leadership bylaws and monitor the progress of all global council annual goals.