Nursing at AGH

Here at Atlantic General, the nursing profession is not just about being a nurse, it's about being a leader of care.givers!

Among the outstanding benefits for nurses working at Atlantic General Hospital is the organization's support of continuing education and professional development. Nurses are encouraged to pursue advanced degrees and specialty certifications through our tuition reimbursement program and associate incentive compensation. New nursing associates will be assigned a mentor as well as a preceptor to assure their orientation is a success.

Why Apply to work at AGH?

New hires attend a structured week-long orientation program that includes an introduction to the organization, our philosophy of care, our shared governance structure, Atlantic General's designation as a NICHE hospital, with a commitment to senior and elder care excellence, and nursing’s strategic plan.

Other topics include:

  • Documentation
  • Personal Accountability in Performance Improvement
  • Review of Evidence-Based Policies and Procedures
  • Infection Control
  • Clinical Skills Review and Medication Administration

Also during the week, new hires will have the opportunity to have lunch with all of our nursing leaders, paving the way for bi-directional communication and continuous feedback from those closest to the point of care, our true leaders at the bedside. At Atlantic General Hospital, nurses at all levels of experience are dedicated members of a healthcare team committed to providing superior care to our patients, their families and the community.

AGH/HS invites all associates, not just nurses, to participate in an incentive program that rewards those who strive for excellence through continuing education, specialty certifications, and participation in shared leadership, research projects and community activities. This commitment also extends to developing partnerships with academic institutions for reduced tuition for those associates who wish to pursue advanced degrees.

A growing shared leadership model has been in place at AGH/HS since 2007. It provides an excellent opportunity for clinical nurses to work with leadership at all levels to improve practice and influence work environments, to grow personally and professionally, and to connect with associates across the organization. The impact of shared leadership goes far beyond the specific projects and initiatives developed and implemented by council members. As elected representatives of their peers, shared leadership council members are frequently asked to serve in an advisory role to address the impact of organization-wide initiatives.

Nurses in the Community
Our hospital values the community we serve, and we are pleased that our nurses help to act as a bridge to Worcester County and the surrounding area. By partnering with leadership, AGH nurses work to develop plans to address community health priorities. We recognize the value of prevention and outreach and strive to touch as many people as possible in the Worcester County area. Many of our nurses serve on hospital boards to facilitate the quality care, personalized service and education needed to improve community health.

For more details about our nurses’ efforts and in the community and to see a list of our community board members, click here.

AGH/HS values and empowers associates who demonstrate the importance and value of teamwork and the pursuit of excellence. These efforts translate into satisfied associates, positive clinical outcomes and an overall outstanding hospital experience for patients and their families. So come experience our team of caregivers at Atlantic General. The difference is our dedicated commitment!

To view the current Nursing Strategic Plan, click here.